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Clean Spin 360º Spin Mop - Push Handle Mop and Bucket

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    The Clean Spin 360º Spin Mop cleans floors throughout your house without harsh detergents! It reaches under tables, behind toilets, in closet corners, and around cabinets with no problem. Thousands of microfiber mop strands attract dirt, grime, and liquids without drips or leaks. Floors are clean and dry in half the time with the Clean Spin 360º Spin Mop.

    For the Spin Handle Mops, simply pump the handle to spin the mop dry. First, dip mop head into the hot water in bucket (cleaning products optional). Then place spin mop into the spin basket and press down and release the handle to spin mop dry at over 300 rotations per minute. The Clean Spin 360º Spin Mop works as an effective dry mop too! Ultra-absorbent Spin Mop fibers attract dust, pet hair, and dirt on floors and baseboards. The microfiber mop head is washable & reusable.

    Model #: YDMM-011

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    Transparent Blue


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    1. easy mopping

      Just received my mop bucket and mop. I had ordered one for my step Dad last year. I was using a different brand. I was on the 2nd one of that brand.(( The first one had broken after 6 months. ) I liked his better, but I had something. Well, guess what the 2nd one broke after 10 months! So I ordered the Viatek .Love it so much easier having the mop handle do the work, instead of having to step on a peddle all the time. Plus it seems with no gears it my last longer. I guess ill have to see! on 12th Mar 2014

    2. Loving it

      just finished mopping w/ my hurricane spin mop, mopping never been so easy, can't wait until the new stock comes in so I can order extra mop heads and a hurricane spin mop set for gifts for family members for Christmas on 20th Apr 2013

    3. Best mop ever!!!

      My sister has a hurricane spinner mop and I use it every time I go help her clean house. I just had to order this lightweight, easy to wring, particles left in floor are picked up as you mop. I'll never own another mop unless it's a hurricane spinner mop! on 23rd Oct 2012

    4. Best mop ever!!!

      My sister has a hurricane mop and I use it every time I go help her clean house. I just had to order this lightweight, easy to wring, particles left in floor are picked up as you mop. I'll never own another mop unless it's a hurricane mop! on 23rd Oct 2012

    5. Love This

      I have tried many mops over the years and this is the very best one as of yet. I just love how it cleans! on 3rd Aug 2012

    6. My favorite!

      This is the best mop I have ever bought. I have hardwood floors in every room in my house and this mop makes it fast, simple and clean! I have tried so many mops in my lifetime of cleaning and this one really does the job and its so easy!! I would recommend this with 5 stars! on 3rd Aug 2012

    7. Yeah

      This mop almost makes mopping fun. It picks up everything, easily and without my hands getting in the icky water. on 23rd May 2012

    8. SO EASY``

      I so love this spin mop that I ordered two more! My daughter who lives in Hawaii, and my daughter there in Vegas. We all have wood laminate and tile floors, so its great that we no longer need extra cleaning products. I just use hot water. on 23rd May 2012

    9. Wonderful Invention

      This mop and bucket are a have to have for anyone with back pain or arthritis. I love mind and ordered one for my momma and all of my sisters, and daughters-in-law. My momma let her sink run over and had a hand injury and knew that she could not wring a mop out and remembered that she had the spin mop and got all the standing water on floor up in just a short while and she is also 84 years old. it is as wonderful as having a good vacuum cleaner and I highly recommend it. on 23rd May 2012

    10. The most fun I ever had mopping the floor

      I am always trying to save time, and do an awesome job cleaning my large beauty shop floor, this mop and bucket is not only easy to use, but so much fun, plus my hands are dry! This mop picks up small pieces of hair, dirt, and sprays, we hairdressers seem to share all week. The shop floor used to take me 6 hours to clean and dry with a conventional rectangle mop, now I do the same area in half the time, I was so excited about using this, several customers bought it too! on 23rd May 2012

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    • Hurricane Spin Mop Mobile Dolly

    Hurricane Spin Mop Mobile Dolly

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